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Housewife gives her hubby a blowjob

Thursday, September 24th, 2009

I’m not trying to be some kind of a Dr. Phil wannabe or any quacks out there, but one of the surefire ways to keep that relationship going is to know exactly how to please your partner — whatever the time of day is. This kinky housewife gives her husband something to look forward to every single day after a hard day’s work and that’s performing her oral expertise on his big dick. Dirty Housewives Exposed is exposing this steamy video of a horny housewife who gets bored most of the time while her hubby’s busy working for 8 hours straight in some construction site a few blocks away from their home. This guy may work his ass off for this long, 5 days in a week, but he always get some wild surprise from his generous wife and he doesn’t even have to ask for it. Just watch these video clips and you’ll see what I mean. Sometimes I wonder what this slutty wife do about her strong urge to get someone’s hard shaft and shove it inside her mouth. I bet if she’s got some househelp, like a gardener or plumber who can pass for an equally wild and hot fuck, she would grab his crotch, strip him silly, and suck the hell out of him. And in order to keep his fucking mouth shut about this, she can just tell him he won’t get a single cent from her for a hardwork around the house. Well, hell, that should keep him quiet. Before you go imagining how they’d look like together, you better head here first, click and watch all the scenes from this horny couple. Don’t go telling this bitch‘s husband about her affair coz you’d want that other video to be posted here. Who knows, maybe that one’s way hotter than this, eh?

Young couple fucking away in their flat

Thursday, September 10th, 2009

Today, here in Dirty Wives Exposed, we got a new recruit and she’s younger than the ones you’ve seen here. This steamy young couple got hitched just a few months back and they opted to give each other this awesome gift — to share themselves and what kinky things they do to the entire planet. As you can see, they got this set of revealing photos. I call these revealing for the simple reason that their families, from what I was told, know that both of them aren’t much of the liberated types. And now the cats are obviously out of the fucking bag. Their games are wild and I bet that anyone who knew them to be such boring nerds before would get their brains blasted out from their skulls when they see this. Seriously, that one’s a hell thing to watch. I could die laughing. But am so sure you’re not going to laugh while you look at the photos here. I think it’s tough to laugh with an aching hard dick. You got to keep it that way to successfully jack off. Man, this young wife is so hot and kinky that I can almost smell and taste her. I do sound like some maniac from a suspense film, don’t I? You can’t blame me, I bet you feel the same. It’s good to know that this couple knows where to go when they want to share their fucking moments like this. So you better visit too if you want to see a lot more of the naughty wives, housewives, and MILFs, who will drive you wild. Click here to view the whole lot of this young couple’s wild night in their rented flat.