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Horny housewife masturbates in the kitchen

Friday, October 23rd, 2009

Finally, this slutty wife managed to give in after a couple of bribes here and there. See, we’ve been itching to watch her do her nasty deeds while her husband is still away. And since she confessed of having thought about this great idea for the longest time now, she gathered up all her resources plus her entire guts to come up with this steamy video. She says she’s new to this but she almost always visit whenever her careless partner leaves his laptop open and, for the best part, forget to delete his search engine’s history field. What’s there to do for some bored and horny housewife when her hubby’s on some business trip? For this naughty creature, to pry once in a while in someone else’s business won’t hurt. Fortunately, for us, this actually became a hobby of hers. So, we all are lucky beneficiaries of this fucking awesome development. If it weren’t for her constant prying, we wouldn’t be feasting on her video right now.

So here she is and chose to film herself in their kitchen, fucking her twat with a large vibrator. She wanted to look more sexually fierce and worth jacking off to by revealing a tit and letting it hang out of her black lingerie. Also, she’s got the habit of sticking her tongue out to lick her lips and tease you, show you just how fucking horny she is. She said she will eventually show this to her husband when she gets that extra guts to and tell him that he’s married a dirty housewife himself so he could quit looking at other sluts’ videos. I think she would even make a deal with him to make videos of them doing all crazy shits together. Well, that’ll be a great addition to our Dirty Housewives Exposed archives, if you ask me. Wait no longer and watch this kinky bitch do her thing right here.