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Kinky wife rides husband’s cock

Thursday, November 19th, 2009

Our dirty housewives spend their sexy time not only with their husbands coz at times they do go all the way and invite over a neighbor to film their naughtiness, which is exactly what we have in our Dirty Housewives Exposed video today. Though this horny housewife appears to be a little shy and showed only her ass while she fucks her hubby’s stiff cock, surprisingly, this video still made me hump the bagel I was holding, which was supposed to be my breakfast yesterday. Maybe some of you might find it sick that I jack off to these type of women, but I know that most of you is on the same page as I am that’s why this is what we’re featuring today.

I was kinda hoping to see if there’d be any threesome fucking action but I guess they’re saving that for later. In this naughty video, the horny naked wife is in total control. Not only did she plan the entire thing, from getting her husband to agree to do this with their neighbor, down to the filming of their dirty deed using her best friend’s digital camera. Now you’re wondering why wild and horny chicks who are in total control of their kinkiness makes a huge boner inside my crotch? Who wouldn’t want someone like this? It’s fuckin’ cool to finally get a hold of this video and expose them. No, they don’t mind of course. They’d even thank me later coz now they’ll be every household’s dream fantasy. A seemingly harmless housewife turned out to be a sex kitten surrounded by two equally horny men is equals to a wild threesome. But like I said, maybe they’ll come up with that video next and you’ll just have to visit to enjoy it. But for now, you got to do something about that hard cock and watch here.

Naked tattooed MILF posing

Friday, November 6th, 2009

Seeing a sexy naked wife pose in private gets me hard easily. I’m not talking about my wife, no, am not mercilessly hitched, nor am I suicidal. I just happen to spend some nights with some of these steamy kinky MILFs that’s why I know how it feels to get cornered and do hot stuff with someone as experienced as I am. To make you understand more why I’m so keen in making you realize how fucking fun it is to fuck someone’s wife, I’ve managed to rummage through stacks of photo collections submitted here in and found this wild MILF. Just when you thought a naked wife is enough to do wonders to those raging hormones, this adventurous slutty woman shows more to please you all the way.

It’s not everyday that we get to see hot tattooed housewives do provocative poses in public. It’s a bit rare, to be frank, to encounter an all-in-one bitch that could bring all your fantasies to life. But since Dirty Housewives Exposed got just about anything and everything you’ll need while you tend to your idle hours, don’t act surprised when you view this hot wife here. Do you find tats hot? Well, she’s got one on her left shoulder. And this is not all she can tease you with. She may look a little frail but there’s still a bit of curves here and there. You can’t deny that she still has this nice pair of racks on her too. And to top these all off, she made her hubby take all these pictures of her, posing in a parked car. And she didn’t just pose inside it, she made sure that you’d enjoy her kinkiness by walking around this deserted space and expose herself more. View the full set of her pictures here and be sure to be back for more. You might get used to hooking up with these dirty housewives and that’ll be one hell of an addictive hobby. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.