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Blonde wifey strips naked in her room

Thursday, December 31st, 2009

I know this sizzling naughty wife but, of course, am not telling who. But do you remember those late night parties we attend to after celebrating turnovers at school, like some JS Proms where teens vowed to give up their virginity for this special occasion? Well, let’s just say, she used a connection to get into one of these and that is where I met her. Sounds really kinky, huh? And that’s what made Dirty Housewives Exposed chose her to be featured in today’s post. See, she actually told her hubby that she’ll be out with the other housewives working on their baking skills and do yoga after. What this poor dude doesn’t know was his dirty housewife has been shagging a young football hunk from their step-son’s league whenever she craves for a young and juicy corn. Who can blame this hot and horny wife? She’s got what it takes to flirt around that’s why she came up with these pictures. She’s not content with just posing in her sexy black lingerie, she even exposed her shaven twat, making sure she’ll catch a lot more attention from those fresh young meat.

And all I can say’s she succeeded big time coz there are a lot of you who’d be asking for more from this horny housewife. I’m pretty sure of that as I’ve already received a handful of requests in making this slutty wife make a dirty video next time. We’ll see about that, eh? But for the meantime, view this set of pictures of her and make sure to bookmark so you’d be updated of the latest and horniest married sluts in town.

Horny MILF fucks her cunt with a bottle

Thursday, December 17th, 2009

I noticed that there are quite a number of videos with steamy babes or MILFs in them that has this background music while they do their dirty deeds. I’m guessing the reason for this is with the hope of drowning their moans and screams, which I think is pretty reasonable and yet a little disturbing. Coz if your mother locks herself inside her room when daddy’s not around and you hear her playing some really loud music, I think the idea will strike like a brick on your face. Since we now know what happens when the sound blasts way up, what she’s doing on the other side of that door’s a shocking given. I don’t think you’d even want to imagine how the horny lady pleases herself. And today, here on Dirty Housewives Exposed, we just revealed a little naughty secret that, I’m so sorry to say, will make you cringe everytime mommy plays her favorite music in full blast. And as if that’s not enough to make you wonder where she’s getting all the energy, she even has a knack for an even more exciting way of fucking her twat.

What you’re seeing in this video screencap is a horny as hell MILF stuffing her pussy with an empty bottle. How many younger horny chicks have you seen do this? There are a few but I think what they fuck their cunts with depend entirely on their moods. Maybe this MILF, out of loneliness, drank everything in this bottle first and since she missed her husband so much, decided that the stiffness of the damned bottle can make up for the times lost. Hmmm… I imagine her saying that at least this bottle stays hard for as long as she needs it to be. Now watch her masturbate in this video and visit for more perverted and horny wives who will make you wish you got a dick as hard as this dildo bottle she’s using.

Kinky blonde wives naked in their rooms

Thursday, December 3rd, 2009

You may want to quit thinking how dumb blondes are, even just for this bit, coz the hot blondes you are about to see today here on Dirty Housewives Exposed will create an involuntary standing ovation. You won’t even feel a thing, you’d just realize that you’re already sporting this stiff shaft that’s struggling to break free. You need not worry coz, like I said, these kinky women will help you unload and it’s going to be a fucking awesome ride. Jacking off to one horny and sexy babe already makes you want to fuck like some dog in heat, which humps and fucks whatever blocks its way. Man, that’ll look really nasty on you, eh? Humping a warm apple pie or stuffing your cock in that poor bagel…hmm…and did I say these will all happen when you’re looking at just a single horny blonde bitch? Now you are about to get tested. How about beating that meat to two different kinky wives with the same amount of hotness? You think you can handle that?

These blonde wives aren’t really dumb for sharing their wild side but I don’t think it’s wise to do this without their poor husbands’ knowing. I guess they’d appreciate the gesture once they visit, which I think they already bookmarked. Maybe they think their wives only do chores around the house and not really know what other chores they come up with when they’re left in peace. For all I know, some of the damned husbands of these horny MILFs are the ones who wanted to showcase their better halves through our site. Click here to see them display their surprisingly toned bodies and how they play with themselves using their fingers and their dildos. These are photos that will make you change the way you look at blondes. They’re really not so dumb after all.