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Busty wife in her kinky poses

Thursday, March 25th, 2010

We got a sizzling Dirty Wives Exposed edition for you today. These pictures belong to a kinky wife who is so fond of displaying her goods not just to her husband, but to anyone who wishes to fantasize about her and with what she can do. Well, we have to start of with an appetizer before you can get to the main course. And we will be serving the latter here soon so you just have to keep on coming back to see how well this horny MILF would do on her first attempt to make tons of throbbing boners out of those limp cocks. I think this naughty wife won’t find it hard to make that next step (maybe send us videos next time, eh?) because just moments after I posted this set of photos, I’ve received a handful of hits and comments already, which is really not bad for a first timer.

I’m not so surprised actually, since she is one hell of busty sexy catch. I won’t even bother thinking that she’s hitched and got 2 kids if all I wanted is to try her and see how she’d taste like. I bet she’s just as delicious as the ones I’ve hooked up with back in our hometown, where MILFs look and smell like college hotties who are just about to surrender the key to their chastity belts. This one is no exemption but I must say that her built will give away what she’s become over time though she is well-toned on the right places. will expose a lot more of willing horny housewives so you better keep on visiting us. And, oh, do keep an eye on this hottie wifey. We’ll never know what more she would offer our hungry perverted senses if we’d miss out on her next submissions. Stay tuned!

Housewife masturbates using a banana

Thursday, March 11th, 2010

I’ve watched videos where sizzling housewives stuff their twats with a lot of different things. And by this I mean things like hairbrushes, ballpoint pens, sunblock plastic bottles, and so on. But today here on Dirty Wives Exposed, we feature a healthier way to please yourself and it’s by masturbating using a banana. This housewife seems to have been living on a healthy diet that she even considered going all the way with her precious diet buddy. As she fingers her clit and make her cunt well lubricated with her warm and sticky juice, she sticks an unpeeled banana inside her twat, making it expand and stretch as far as it could, making room for this huge yellow fellow.

This horny wife confessed that she does this often because her husband’s not around much to attend to her needs and she gets really lonely when this happens. That’s the reason why she’s become an avid visitor of and became one of our featured hot and wild wives. She says she’s more than glad to have been given this chance to show this side of hers and make her audience happy. Well, you would have to agree and give her an award or something for being the horny bitch that she is. She actually wanted her husband to see this video and make him miss her so bad and never leave her for his job for days. She even made a pact with me, yes with me, that she will do more than show her fingers and cunt if her hubby won’t change his mind about keeping her company when she needs him to. Watch her hot video here and let’s all vouch for her so we could see more of her dirty deeds soon!