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Horny bombshell housewives expose themselves

Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

Dirty Wives Exposed made this post sound so naive. The title’s a bit tame and you’d never guess how much more you’ll see once you open this photo album and browse through a collection of the finest housewives in town. Yes, this set is not just about a single sizzling wife coz we actually squeezed in a few more shots, which involves some other (but never less) hot and sexy mature fucks. Their husbands don’t know about this and I think this is going to blow them away, in a good way of course, coz these horny wives wanted this to be a nice surprise. Ok, nice is a very safe word if you ask me so I’ll leave you with thinking of a more ample way to call these hot as hell photos.

This is a perfect reason why I don’t want to be tied down so early. I steer clear of chicks who possess this type of a mother, who I’d be so tempted to bang. I may be an ass most of the time but I wouldn’t want to be stuck hiding between sheets, hoping that their daughters won’t catch me fucking them on the other room — and vice versa. It’s just much of a hassle and the pressure would leave my dick hanging on for dear life each time I get so fucking horny. We really don’t want that unless they’d agree on some kinky orgy where everyone gets to taste the other and the story has its happy ending. is a blissful place, if you know how to play your cards well. I’ve had my share getting all horny and choked my chicken a number of times so let me show these pictures to you so you’d know exactly how I feel when I see them display their (still) firm tits and nice curves.

Horny MILF rides dick hard

Friday, April 9th, 2010

The couple we are featuring today here on Dirty Wives Exposed knows how to really get on with their getaway. They told me that they’ve been filming every single fucking journey (literally) eversince they lived together and each time they get to go on their vacation elsewhere and they already piled a roomful of videos that could fuel up an entire cinema. Hmmm… I’m curious about the steamy hobby. This is one of their escapades and it’s just a sample for all of us that could, as this horny wife told me, grow into a much more wild collection. Ooohh… and I can hardly wait for the next ones.

This hot video already made a big mess out of my couch and bed and keyboard when I constantly lose control of my cum explosions, I can only imagine the effect of the other videos that they will show us. I think my cock would go berserk if I were to dwell on watching more from this wild MILF. Look at how she rides her hubby’s cock and the way she grinds on top of his nuts! You won’t be needing any ribbed condoms for this one coz she knows how to fill up her own hole with the throbbing woody that she enjoys riding on. They both took diving lessons just to try fucking under water and get the feel of a weightless sex and of course they got it on video too and said that they said they might share this with us too. Enjoy these clips from for now to jump-start your sexual appetite.