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Hot wife gets naked and masturbates on cam

Thursday, June 17th, 2010

Any of you who watches the TV show Desperate Housewives? I’m no fan but Dirty Wives Exposed is more likely to get linked with this series since this site is, after all, all about sizzling housewives and MILFs who still got that oomph in them. I asked if you’re familiar with the TV show because the housewife we feature here today is just as hot as the ones in the cast. This wife is a bit younger though. She just got married and is fairly new to their own version of Wisteria Lane and is yet to know her equally hot and horny neighbors. Yes, that’s what she told us in one of her visits, leaving her comments whenever she clicks on She looks so fucking yummy. Sorry, can’t help it. Look at these first four pictures and you will agree. I’ve interviewed her over the phone and her voice just doesn’t match up with her looks. Hearing her talk is like fucking the phone’s receiver, while you listen to a gorgeous woman with this bedroom voice — at 8 in the morning. Surprisingly, she still has the same orgasmic voice at any given time of day since I get to talk with her one evening, as I browse through her naughty photos as I sport a painful woody. Damn, I almost moan when I asked her which ones she wanted posted here. I didn’t want to give away that she’s making me so fucking horny but of course she already knows that. She’s got these round perky tits, lovely ass, shaven twat, and a petite frame. A very likely candidate for my favorite fuckable chicks. If you think these photos of her getting naked, masturbating, are way hot, wait ’til you view the entire collection here.

Housewife gets fucked on their sofa

Thursday, June 3rd, 2010

It’s another sizzling day in the household of this naughty couple and, once again, gets to expose this horny housewife doing one of her hot household chores with her hubby. It’s not new to them, to play anywhere around their home, but this video sure is new to all of us. This isn’t the first time that they banged on their sofa and they said they already have a few videos before this but they gave us their best one, so far. Watch how this bitchy MILF rides her husband’s woody. It’s quite obvious that they do this more than once everyday and it’s so fucking fun to beat your meat to. It’s just a little sad that they have to hide their faces, concealing their fucking awesome facial reactions while they get high fucking each other up. You know how it feels, right? To watch people fuck in videos and stare at their faces while they get the pleasure of their fucking lives? Add to that the moans and screams they make, which makes all of us horny. Dirty Wives Exposed became a favorite hub of my lonely neighbors but since I practically own the “place”, they get the instant cheering up from especially if they visit me often. And I can render my services to you too if you just keep on coming back here, watch our hot and wild videos, and just keep on clicking this link to get updated of the new batches of horny household bitches.