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Wife with pierced twat rides a gear shift knob

Thursday, July 29th, 2010

Want us to define the term wild? Let Dirty Wives Exposed show you just that in this sizzling hot video. We don’t find wives who want their twats pierced (and definitely not more than four pairs) everyday. You won’t always encounter these kind of women who are horny enough to get their twats pierced and get wild inside her husband’s car while filming herself riding a fucking gear shift knob! Yeah, the screenies speak for themselves, don’t they? She and her hubby were celebrating their anniversary when our naughty wife right here decided to make this little surprise for her equally wild and horny partner. They do almost everything together especially when it comes to sex but she felt that it’d be more exciting to do things differently for a change and without the aid of her hubby. So, while he was away on a trip and this kinky MILF got the car to herself, she spent an entire day getting her pussy lips pierced then jumped in the car to fuck a helpless inanimate object. It may be lifeless but it’s one fucking lucky lifeless thing! wanted to show you this wild video and we’re pretty sure that you will enjoy it. Like I said, this kind of housewife is rare and you will only find it here so you better not miss this one and the next hot videos that we will feature. Oh, and one more thing that caught my attention, the wife actually played too safe that she even had the stick covered with a condom. It may sound a bit odd for someone this wild but it is odd and wild all the same.

Housewives display their twats and breasts

Thursday, July 15th, 2010

We got a group of sexy and sizzling hot housewives for you today here on All of them are guaranteed to give you a hard and large boner, which you will use for a long period of time because these photos will easily make you horny. They ain’t typical wornout wives who are often glued on the tube watching out for gardening tips and cross-stitching 101. Our wild sex sirens get bored with those kind of crap and we are pleased to show you these picture collection that will change the way you see them forever. Trust me, if these were the type of mothers my friends has, boy I will not waste a single time just fantasizing about them. See, these kind of horny and wild women like to be treated like they’re still as young as you and me and I know I’m quite good at that kind of an arrangement.

Well, I used to watch my ex-girlfriend’s hot mom undress while I wait for her to get dressed for our prom. This naughty wife, fortunately, finds me irresistible and grabbed me from the staircase to nibble on my cock. Of course, I fucked her cunt like a mad dog. She’s actually one of the wives posted here, but yeah, I wouldn’t even bother giving you the pleasure of knowing who my secret lover is. My ex doesn’t have a fucking clue ’til this time. Enjoy these sexy naked housewives and drool over their bare breasts, wet and warm mounds, and prepare yourselves for a series of messy jizz explosions. Click here for more of the finest and experienced and often lonely sex slaves. Visit Dirty Wives Exposed as often as you please and let me teach you how you’d handle a horny housewife the next time you see one — in your girlfriend’s home.

Amateur MILF toys with her cunt

Thursday, July 1st, 2010

You’re back here on to witness another sizzling video of a wife who knows how to handle loneliness in the confines of her own home. This particular horny woman likes to do various things with her cunt whenever she feels like spending quality time with it when her husband’s not around to help out. And eversince she discovered that her equally wild and horny hubby visits Dirty Wives Exposed on his Mac, on a regular basis, she didn’t think twice about checking it out to find herself submitting her own kinky video after two days. That video isn’t the one posted here, unfortunately, coz she gave us a better version. This version. So, yay! This horny slut learned to play with herself for as long as she remembers and she says she kinda mastered finding her G-spot even before her husband could discover it. So now she’s ready to show off and expose how much she knows. As you can see in these screencaps, she used some kind of breast pump (I think) to stimulate her clit more and she fist-fucks her twat too. And since she can insert her entire fist in there to fuck herself, she likes to poke her cunt with her fingers too when she feels like it. Watch the complete action here so you’d know how much of a busy beaver this hot MILF is when it comes to pleasing herself. Enjoy the video and come back for more soon.