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Kinky wife sucks on her hubby’s dick

Sunday, November 27th, 2011

Dirty Wives Exposed is back and will be showing you all these sizzling photos of an amateur cocksucking MILF getting all kinky with her husband. This is one of those nights when it’s cold outside coz of the rain and they’re simply not in the mood to go out and do anything else but do something about the call of raging hormones. And they do this with much enthusiasm, taking pictures of themselves getting sleazy with each other. This naughty housewife sure has nice curves on her and we’re very lucky to see her naked too. Well, that’s not all that we are about to see in these photos because this hot wife is just too horny to not give her hubby some TLC. Aside from getting all sexy in her hot lingerie, accentuating her curves, and show off those nice big breasts, she’s so willing to share with us how much she enjoyed teasing her husband, give him a nice woody and do much more with that of course. She gives one hot blowjob in these photos and by the looks of it, fucking her with this big dick is pretty much what we all wanted to see. gives us everything we want to see and so you just have to head over here to view the entire photo gallery. Enjoy looking at this sexy horny amateur wife suck on a cock and gets fucked in her pussy. Be back for more soon coz we won’t be letting any of you down. You can always find only the hottest and kinkiest of amateur wives right here.

Horny cocksucking housewife gives one hot blowjob

Sunday, November 13th, 2011

It’s one of those nights when couples try to help each other out with their sleeping problems and this solution never go out of style. Our featured Dirty Wives Exposed amateur MILF gave the bright idea to make this video of herself licking and sucking her hubby’s dick to apparently please her hubby and help him get some shuteye eventually when he gets wornout from too much fucking. Yes, of course, this video didn’t just end with this horny wife giving her husband a nice BJ. But that is a different story coz you’ll have to watch out for the fucking scene some other time. All you got to watch now is this hot sleazy wife giving her husband the time of his life getting served a nice warm head on their bed. She says someone once told her that when someone cums and gets all sweaty and stuff, they get really tired and doze off to Neverland for hours. Good thing she thought of that and she was doing a great job in this video, playing with her husband’s limp dick, trying to give it life but “helping out” her partner to sleep afterward in the process. Good thinking, eh? So, anyway, this horny amateur MILF says she enjoyed watching other nasty wives like herself here in and she got so excited to see herself do some hot naughty stuff on video too and so this is their outcome, a not-so-bad amateur video of herself sucking on her husband’s cock. Enjoy the full video right here and be sure to check back often for new uploads.