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Dirty housewife posing in her sleazy lingeries

Sunday, December 25th, 2011

A hot amateur wife is featured here today for all you Dirty Wives Exposed fans. This is one of those first-timers who enjoyed pleasing her husband as she put on her sizzling sexy lingeries and do some kinky poses in front of the camera. Hence, these nice pictures of her, showing us all her sexy gorgeous self and even letting us take a nice long look at those fine perky breasts. I guess her husband has been sucking on those nipples far too long, which made it as pointy as we see it now. Yum. Yeah, that’s all I can say about it coz I can only imagine how I look like licking and sucking on a moaning bitch’s breasts and feeling her body squirm under my sweaty chest. But this photo gallery is different from that since our amateur horny MILF is only starting to get used to displaying her hotness in her sexy lingeries and we can only hope that she’d get comfortable with the idea of showing a lot of her nasty sleazy side soon. Those tits are crying for attention, I’m telling you. She’s into pole dancing and a bit of role playing, dressing up as a naughty nurse for her hubby and tending to his needs to make him feel all better again. Not to mention, very much high with TLC inside the bedroom. I could use a nurse like this amateur slutty wife too, you know? Check her full picture collection through this link and enjoy playing with your throbbing cocks as you fantasize fucking this naughty wife‘s ass (and tits too of course).

Naked MILF fingering her twat

Sunday, December 11th, 2011

Dirty Wives Exposed is back with this hot amateur housewife spending quality time with her horny self. Her husband won’t let this one pass so he ended up making this video and preserving the wild moment when his wife got naked and started to play with her nice smooth-shaven cunt. They were just about to call it a day since they were both worn-out from some renovation done in their home but I guess this sleazy MILF just got fired up even more and would want to end the day on a different way. She’s one kinky woman, no doubt, and she’s got one lucky hubby to be “supporive” of her midnight cravings. As these screenies suggest, we got a really sexy and hot housewife right here. She’s naked on their bed, with her legs spread apart, to give us a better view of her moist cunt while she playfully fucks it with her fingers. She loves to masturbate alone but she says that this is most probably the best she’s ever felt since she’s performing for her husband (and now for the rest of us too). She gets extra horny and very kinky when she knows she’s being watched while she pleases herself. I’m sure her husband didn’t finish recording this video and started fucking her twat once she held her fine ass up in the air. Who would resist this sleazy bitch, eh? always have a lot to show you and now is the time to watch this naked horny MILF‘s video for your own pleasure. Be back for more soon!