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Wife goes topless around the house

Sunday, February 19th, 2012

It’s one of those days when couples get all lazy and crazy after a heavy sex in the evening when they don’t bother putting their clothes on, or most of it, when they wake up in the morning. Dirty Wives Exposed is all about that particular wife today, this amateur slut who has to problem walking around the house, topless. These photos were taken from all over their house and not just in the bedroom so you can really get a load of this kinky wife in all her sleazy glory. If it’s a fetish of yours drooling over naked women doing dishes or fixing meals in their kitchen, this amateur housewife does that too. She shows off her nice round perky breasts, expose them like they are some kind of holy icon that people has to worship. Well, who wouldn’t want to when these mounds are calling for our special attention, right? This sexy hot wife don’t even have to try hard to get noticed since she’s fuckin’ delicious in all her pictures in this gallery. She has become an overnight celebrity here on when pervs from all started clicking on the site and seeing this horny slutty wife flaunt her goods. She said it was her husband’s idea to share these photos since she’s got what it takes to be their fantasy and that is actually what her hubby’s fantasy is, to see men going crazy over his perfect catch. Seeing that she’s got a lot of fans in just a few hours, this amateur topless fuck enjoys the attention alright. Enjoy the rest of her picture collection here.

Housewife gets her cunt fingered by her hubby

Monday, February 6th, 2012

One lazy afternoon with a pair of horny couple up for some kinky sexy time, Dirty Wives Exposed caught a glimpse of this sleazy housewife getting fingered by her hubby in this nice sizzling video. This was just supposed to be a spur of the moment thing and they only have their camera phones in mind when they wanted to record this hot moment but this wild MILF wanted to share her video with us in a more nice presentation so they came up with this one instead. I’ve watched a lot of amateur housewives do kinky things on video but this one’s a bit different from all those since this skanky wife just lie there and let her husband do all the work. This is the kind of work I wanted to take over in bed if it means pleasing my horny wife and making her squirm and moan in delight. I like the feel of her clit and pussy lips in between my fingers, rubbing and fingering her hole ’til she gets wet and slippery. Like what this lucky hubby’s doing with his wife‘s twat, rubbing and inserting his fingers ’til the twat moistens and makes the entire yummy cunt wet with pussy juice. Watch the full video here and be sure to visit as often as you need to watch some hot and wild videos of sleazy housewives doing lots of kinky things.