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Horny housewife giving a hot blowjob

Monday, April 30th, 2012

You’re back in Dirty Wives Exposed to witness another sleazy wife do her dirty thing. Before heading off to the poolside and taking a plunge, this kinky dirty housewife decided to take a dive between her hubby’s legs and suck the life out of his cock. If someone would put their mouth on somebody else’s mouth when they got an accident while swimming, it is to restore life and energy. But this steamy video shows of a horny wild wife blowing a woody and making her husband feeling weak and helpless. Yeah, you do know the feeling of that especially when you keep on holding it in for a few more minutes just to get the excitement going. In this amateur video, you’d see just how skanky this wife can get when she’s all feeling hot and wanted that pool dive so bad to cool off, but instead chose to heat up some more and make her hubby enjoy the feeling of stuffing his meat in his wife’s warm mouth, in and out ’til it gets wet and slippery and ready to explode. Well, we’ve yet to watch another video of that soon, when this wild wife would swallow her hubby’s cum, but first you got to enjoy this hot scene where she enjoyed giving a hardcore BJ just before they hit the waters and cool down. Visit often for more hot videos like this one.

Sleazy kinky amateur MILFs

Monday, April 16th, 2012

Because we have tons of fans from households with busy husbands who like going over in search for the perfect spot for their own bets, their kinky wives, we came up with this sizzling photo collection of their contribution with complete approval from the dirty sleazy wives. They prepared for this photoshoot, giving only the best they got as amateur entertainers inflicting extreme pleasure to all of you who are constant visitors to Dirty Wives Exposed. Most of our sexy wild housewives wore their skimpy lingeries while one wanted to show more so she posed in the nude, giving us the full view of her nice sexy juicy ass. We always enjoy these kind of pictures especially when they are of all sorts of skanky amateur MILFs who just wanted to have fun and tease both men their age and a lot of others, which might make us call them fucking hot cougars. Rawr! They are the types who’d hire sexy Latino garderers or someone who might “fix their leaking faucet” while they parade in front of them with just a towel wrapped around their drippin’ wet body after taking a nice long shower. Then we know exactly what will happen next. Now you enjoy the full picture gallery through this link. Be sure to keep your fly open coz you’ll be needing a lot of space when you get totally stiff and horny. Visit us again soon for more wild amateur housewives.

Wild wife masturbates outdoors

Monday, April 2nd, 2012

We don’t get to watch videos of amateurs this hot so we’re so excited to share with our Dirty Wives Exposed fans this sizzling post of a horny sleazy wife masturbating in the woods. They said they think they watch too much porn to get ideas like this and all we can say is that, it did them good. Right now all we do here is watch this heavy-chested do her dirty deed out in the woods while her husband gets all horny and hard on the sides. We don’t see this kind of naughty wife everyday, more so, outside their home and into the forest just to please herself. So you can consider this one of your rare finds here on and you will get more hot videos if you just keep on coming back of course. But first, we bring you this wild horny busty MILF who just wanted to give her hubby all the satisfaction he can get and keep him surprising with her skanky sexual fantasies. This is her first attempt to get it all on video, playing with her pussy using her vibrator, with her husband watching, and it’s simply priceless. We hope to watch more of her soon, eh? Better head over here then to see the full video and make this sleazy amateur wife we need to see her with new dirty tricks next time.