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Cocksucking slutty housewife posing sexy

Monday, January 25th, 2016

Dirty Wives Exposed brings another hot picture collection of a slutty MILF who is quite good balancing her social life and sex life. By the looks of these photos, this naughty wifey looks like she’s more than just BFFs with her equally hot blondie pal. They look like the kind who would have wild college guys in their beds as they please them, comfy between their sexy stems. But of course, they would have their hubbies around to take their pictures and have them posted here on

This featured MILF enjoys giving hot head and making her men cum loads as she licks their cock and balls pretty damn good. And she doesn’t do this just with her husband because most times she would have her blonde friend too in the room with her and enjoy a wild orgy with both their lovers and hubbies. She likes dressing up and almost always looking like some slut ready to be picked up by hormone-driven fraternity jocks. Just like you see in this full gallery, all those revealing mini dresses where she enjoys exposing her juggs and legs, this is how she would look like the moment she steps out of her house.

She attracts all kinds of admirers and we can understand why. She’s like a feisty teen chick trapped inside that adult body, always up for a rough time in bed, doing all sorts of kinky stuff. She’s into men and women alike, especially when it comes to sex, so you can only imagine this hardcore housewife having naughty fun with her BFF and husband at the same time. Then again, we might see her do those kinky stuff soon if you keep checking back here for more of her.

Kinky housewife posing naked and spreading

Tuesday, July 14th, 2015

In this household there’s always something hot brewing each time this bitchy wife is with her horny hubby. They make sure that even with some other people around, they spend quality time together in the most playful ways. Dirty Wives Exposed got these pictures from our featured amateur housewife who loves to tease her partner by posing naked in her photos while doing all sorts of sleazy poses.

This is, of course, just right before they jump into a much more exciting time in the bedroom or wherever free space they can go nasty around the home. This horny blonde MILF likes to display her still tight and yummy body while wearing the sexy lingerie her hubby gifts her with or simply tease him by giving a strip show and go naked while spreading her cunt and at times, gapes her ass. They enjoy going over kinky pictures of other couples here in and just by looking at them for a quick time, they already get fired up and ready for their own quickie sexy time. It would always start with this slutty wifey being a tease in these photos and they already know what will come next when her lover can no longer hold the camera to shoot and just wanted to give his bitch what she begs for.

Her hubby takes time tho and he lets her do all the work in making him hard. But since she’s one hell of a sex siren, it won’t take long until he finds his crotch with a throbbing bulge, which needs tending to. Enjoy this naughty MILF’s hot tits, fine round ass and creamy cunt. She’s really one hot momma fit to be anyone’s nasty cougar.

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Wednesday, November 21st, 2012

We’re back and I can see that you are too, hoping to get a load of new sizzling housewife goodies, eh? Well, today’s one of your lucky days here on Dirty Wives Exposed because I have this video of a wild couple doing oral in a not-so-typical way. Maybe you’ve tried doing this to your bitches or maybe not, either way this episode will cause mild disorientation for the first few seconds of the clips and give you some kind of euphoria that will eventually lead to extreme jizz explosion. Sounds fucking nice, I know, and it’s much nicer if you’d watch the video and see how this lucky bastard feasted on his dirty wife‘s cunt. Have you tried lifting your bitch’s legs up while licking her pussy? Licking and sucking on her clit ’til she moans and cums? That’s what this dude did the entire time that’s why our horny housewife right here came squirming and moaning with pleasure. I know I’ve tried this once or twice, I don’t really remember how many times, but what I do remember is that the bitches I slept with came giving me rings for days just so I could perform the same wild and hot ritual on them. Poor sex kittens don’t get what they really want from their loser boyfriends. Ha! Anyway, they’ve watched this video coz I’ve told them to visit to learn new tricks that they can use (or be used on them). I can already imagine my arms raising them up about a foot high as I smother my face on their moist and warm cunts, fucking their hole with my tongue and making them cum. Watch this couple do just that and enjoy jacking off like a geeky teen watching his busty step sister strip like a whore.

Kinky|Horny|Flirty Blonde Amateur Housewife Gets On Her Knees And Gives A Nice|Sensual|Senuous|Passionate Blowjob|Head|Oral

Thursday, November 8th, 2012

Reach your orgasms in these sizzling hot movie update from Dirty Wives Exposed featuring a horny blonde amateur cocksucking wife who likes giving a nice head and swallowing his cum.

This wife has been giving us a lot of her precious masterpieces but we just got the chance to publish one of them now because we had a tough time choosing which one should be posted first. After seeing all those videos, you’d think she’s faking it for calling herself an amateur in this field. Hmmm… I think, not everyone’s born to be wild and that some bitches will call themselves experts when they no nothing about what they’re doing inside the bedroom. So it’s safer this way, when she says that she’s an amateur and yet know too much, she could train a bunch of “sexpert wannabes”. Dude, this is the type of woman you want to go wild with. Yes, even if she may happen to be your fucking girlfriend’s mother. You got to learn how to deal with situations like these coz it’s a true story, and things like these really happen whether you like or not.

Dirty Wives Exposed gives you almost everything you fantasize about and all you got to do is drop by here to experience all that every single day you need to. And see more hot and hardcore home made fuck session photos and videos of sizzling amateur housewives.

Slutty|Naughty|Raunchy Blonde Milf|Mommy Loves Getting Face Fucked

Monday, September 10th, 2012

blonde amateur housewife gets face fucked

If all housewives are as dirty as this kinky MILF on this week’s Dirty Wives Exposed sample video set, then I bet all husbands wouldn’t have ideas on having an affair behind their missus! Check out how wild and extra raunchy this blonde suburban wifey gets in these awesome xxx homemade sex clips! The sultry MILF shows off her depraved skills when it comes to sucking rods and she’s doing a mighty fine job gulping her hubby’s prick! The naughty stay-at-home wife is exposed as the blowjob whore that she truly is, letting her man fuck that beautiful face in various positions! There are clips with this amateur housewife down on her knees, bobbing her head up and down the guy’s cock and taking every inch of it deep in her throat! The lucky bastard is enjoying every single second of it, fucking this MILF’s mouth until his cock explodes with streams and streams of sticky jizz which this dirty and slutty housewife eagerly slurped!

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Kinky blonde wives naked in their rooms

Thursday, December 3rd, 2009

You may want to quit thinking how dumb blondes are, even just for this bit, coz the hot blondes you are about to see today here on Dirty Housewives Exposed will create an involuntary standing ovation. You won’t even feel a thing, you’d just realize that you’re already sporting this stiff shaft that’s struggling to break free. You need not worry coz, like I said, these kinky women will help you unload and it’s going to be a fucking awesome ride. Jacking off to one horny and sexy babe already makes you want to fuck like some dog in heat, which humps and fucks whatever blocks its way. Man, that’ll look really nasty on you, eh? Humping a warm apple pie or stuffing your cock in that poor bagel…hmm…and did I say these will all happen when you’re looking at just a single horny blonde bitch? Now you are about to get tested. How about beating that meat to two different kinky wives with the same amount of hotness? You think you can handle that?

These blonde wives aren’t really dumb for sharing their wild side but I don’t think it’s wise to do this without their poor husbands’ knowing. I guess they’d appreciate the gesture once they visit, which I think they already bookmarked. Maybe they think their wives only do chores around the house and not really know what other chores they come up with when they’re left in peace. For all I know, some of the damned husbands of these horny MILFs are the ones who wanted to showcase their better halves through our site. Click here to see them display their surprisingly toned bodies and how they play with themselves using their fingers and their dildos. These are photos that will make you change the way you look at blondes. They’re really not so dumb after all.