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Cocksucking slutty housewife posing sexy

Monday, January 25th, 2016

Dirty Wives Exposed brings another hot picture collection of a slutty MILF who is quite good balancing her social life and sex life. By the looks of these photos, this naughty wifey looks like she’s more than just BFFs with her equally hot blondie pal. They look like the kind who would have wild college guys in their beds as they please them, comfy between their sexy stems. But of course, they would have their hubbies around to take their pictures and have them posted here on

This featured MILF enjoys giving hot head and making her men cum loads as she licks their cock and balls pretty damn good. And she doesn’t do this just with her husband because most times she would have her blonde friend too in the room with her and enjoy a wild orgy with both their lovers and hubbies. She likes dressing up and almost always looking like some slut ready to be picked up by hormone-driven fraternity jocks. Just like you see in this full gallery, all those revealing mini dresses where she enjoys exposing her juggs and legs, this is how she would look like the moment she steps out of her house.

She attracts all kinds of admirers and we can understand why. She’s like a feisty teen chick trapped inside that adult body, always up for a rough time in bed, doing all sorts of kinky stuff. She’s into men and women alike, especially when it comes to sex, so you can only imagine this hardcore housewife having naughty fun with her BFF and husband at the same time. Then again, we might see her do those kinky stuff soon if you keep checking back here for more of her.

Lovely and wild cocksucking housewife

Thursday, December 30th, 2010

Everyone of us wanted a chick who knows how to make us hard and give us the biggest woody we could ever produce, provided that you have a dick as huge as mine. Ha! Dirty Wives Exposed got this perfect amateur housewife who is a perfect example of a naughty cocksucker, effortlessly pleasing all those who drop by her page, this page, to enjoy moments of licking and sucking her hubby’s dick. You need to catch your breath right there because this picture set will make you pant from too much jerking off. Yes, I’m betting on that. I couldn’t help but picture myself getting a nice blowjob from her. You can’t blame me from wanting this horny bitch so bad. I know you’d want to fuck this tease as much as I’d want to and by just looking at her photos, you know that she will give in to our sexual desires. You clicked on expecting to see hardcore wifeys, doing all those wild dirty things to and with their husbands, and here you are viewing one of of best collections yet. Look at her go with her hubby’s cock, she eats it up the exact same way she sucks on her popsicle. Now you’d never look at teenage girls sucking on lollipops or having a huge bite on their twinkies. Enjoy this hot and sexy wifey in her skimpy thongs while she sucks on a boner and plays with her cunt. View the entire photo selection now.

Cocksucking wife swallows jizz

Thursday, May 6th, 2010

Your jizz plus a kinky wife will always equal to a high and wild time. This is what we are featuring today, a horny cocksucking wife who likes swallowing her man’s cum. Dirty Wives Exposed is made of steamy women who knows exactly what they want, how to get them, and still please their partners the best fucking way they know how. And I got another video for you right here that you will enjoy. This wife has been giving us a lot of her precious masterpieces but we just got the chance to publish one of them now because we had a tough time choosing which one should be posted first. After seeing all those videos, you’d think she’s faking it for calling herself an amateur in this field. Hmmm… I think, not everyone’s born to be wild and that some bitches will call themselves experts when they no nothing about what they’re doing inside the bedroom. So it’s safer this way, when she says that she’s an amateur and yet know too much, she could train a bunch of “sexpert wannabes”. Dude, this is the type of woman you want to go wild with. Yes, even if she may happen to be your fucking girlfriend’s mother. You got to learn how to deal with situations like these coz it’s a true story, and things like these really happen whether you like or not. Why you do think some perv sings, apologizing to his girlfriend (Stacy) that she ain’t good enough for him but her mom is? Ha! See? I bet that dude fucks a lot of these wild housewives more than bang their daughters. gives you almost everything you fantasize about and all you got to do is click here to experience all that every single day you need to.