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Naughty housewife dildoes her tight ass

Tuesday, May 5th, 2015

While on a weekend away from the rascals at home, aka their kids, our Dirty Wives Exposed sultry wifey decided to spice up her free time with the lover by giving in to a dare they made during their recent wedding anniversary and that is to finally try banging her bunghole.

At first she didn’t agree but went on practicing all by herself anyways, using her sex toy, and wanted to surprise her husband come their lil holiday. She got so excited for how her hubby will react so she told him to take pictures of her while she strips naked and starts teasing him in the bedroom. All this lucky dude ever knew is that his horny wife would do the same old styles they were used to when playing on the bed but when his wife started squeezing her butt cheeks and spreading her legs with that dildo in her hand, his jaw dropped and his cock went on a frenzy while staring at this slutty bitch now stuffing that tight ass. Suddenly, the idea of documenting their fuck session through these photos weren’t such a bad idea after all, more so, sharing them here at

While this kinky MILF pose for more pics and plays on cam for her husband, fired up hubby can’t stop clicking away for more snaps. Even with the strong desire to throw the camera away and stick his dick in his wifey’s holes, he desperately wanted to immortalize this first ever anal experience. They’d probably do a video next but we’d have to watch out for that soon. Enjoy the rest of the photos of this wild amateur housewife here.

Housewife shows her pussy while posing sleazy

Tuesday, March 24th, 2015

Gracing today’s Dirty Wives Exposed post is this sleazy amateur housewife getting naughty on cam. Modelling her new black lingerie from her husband after a cold shower, she asked to have her pictures taken while doing some nasty poses in bed. Fresh from the bath, she can’t help but lure her already horny hubby, while she spreads those legs wide and show her bushy snatch, which might need a stiff cock to flatten out with.

This is one wild wifey who doesn’t shy away when her lover has the cam in hand and ready to shoot some photos. She obviously enjoys flaunting her naked body even in public and she’s pretty much comfortable especially when it’s her husband drooling over her playful nudes. played a huge part in the kinky interest of this amateur MILF with regards to loosening up a bit, going crazy on cam, and just enjoy being sexy and slutty. Yes, main reason why all these pictures of hers are now available for you all to feast on. She could insist how reserved she is but her inner slut trigger is her hubby who refuse to keep her inside a bunch of matronly clothing when she has the body to show off in sexy lingerie.

Now that her Pandora’s Box is open, we could expect more hot and slutty pictures from this wild MILF. And probably see other things get opened and eventually stuffed with something hard and big, and make her scream. Now that’s a fantasy we can save for later, hoping to see this wife in steamy action with her hubby. They’re probably doing this already tho, taking pictures of themselves while fucking around. Check back soon for those and a whole lot more of hot kinks.

Cute|Sweet Faced|Nice Brunette Wife|Housewife|MILF Displays|Shows Off Her Amazing Body|Figure

Wednesday, November 14th, 2012

I just can’t get over the fact that there are really a lot of housewives out there who we will constantly fantasize about whether they’re our best friend’s mother or not. Dirty Wives Exposed agrees with me on this and it’s one of them living proof that will show you just where to find these naughty hot catches. Just like this one hell of a hottie housewiffe who craves our perverted attention. Catch her selfshot nudie pics and feel like banging a nice and wet twat once you look at it.

I may say that this horny hot mama is still a perfect catch coz obviously she still got that awesome shape and stunning allure. Just look at those breast, it’s gorgeously pumping and popping out like cute twin puppies, and her butt is still fucking awesome. Well I can’t say anything bad about her at all. It’s time for you to be the judge by yourself.

They’re just a taste of the entire compilation of kinkiness that you’re about to see. She didn’t just show her naked self, but she even displayed her naughty side by playing with herself in the process. There’s more of this naughty brunette MILF’s nudie pics and even hard-core sex videos inside Dirty Wives Exposed! Visit the site today and get your hands on more XXX amateur content with only the dirtiest real life housewives ever!

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Thursday, October 25th, 2012

If you think only youngsters can make you bust your nuts with their freshness, sweet and charming innocent allure and cute little love muffins… YOU ARE DEAD WRONG! It is high time for you to move out of the box and experience some passionate and burning hot certified lewd real life amateur housewife action! Check out, a site filled with naughty amateur MILFs displaying their ever juicy bodies as well as their naughtiest side! Today we are presenting this drop dead gorgeous MILF who still looks absolutely astonishing with her pretty face, mammoth sized hooters and sexy figure that can make any men grow weak in the knees! This lovely sweetheart has something in store for all of us and you will definitely love her even more when she starts taking off her clothes and pose naked before the camera while displaying her huge, succulent pair of hooters and that super smooth pussy. She even took off her underwear just to give us a perfect view of her tasty cunt and round ass! Catch her spreading her legs wide and tweaks her cunt while talking filthy as she teases the cams. With these vids she just proves us that she’s still a damn beautiful mama ready to rock your beds! There are more amateur housewives just like this mature hottie inside, visit them today and get your hands on the biggest amateur porn archive on the web today!

Horny couple records their hardcore fuck session

Sunday, March 4th, 2012

It’s always a turn-on watching videos of amateur couples fucking away here on Dirty Wives Exposed. We always make it a point to keep our viewers happy so we choose horny pairs who will go through such lengths to please not just themselves but their audiences as well. So for today, we give you this sizzling video of a wild couple having one hell of a fucking time sexing each other up so early in the morning. I guess this lucky husband still has the morning erection, which women go crazy over when they get wet so easily by just imagining how it feels like riding their hubby’s boner while he’s asleep. Well, maybe they aren’t fully asleep of course and having some hot idiotic dream about humping a Playboy Bunny to have an extreme hardon like that. So this video, though the hubby is obviously awake, is an examply of the effects of having ones cock open for buffet each morning. This horny wild housewife woke her husband’s senses up when she started playing with the lonely boner, craving for attention. And since they are a wild couple, game to try anything and wanted so bad to see themselves going crazy, naked and fucking each other on video, they set up their paraphernalia right away and fuck hard. Watch their full video and keep on visiting for more wild and horny amateur wives doing all sorts of kinky stuff with their husbands.

Naked MILF fingering her twat

Sunday, December 11th, 2011

Dirty Wives Exposed is back with this hot amateur housewife spending quality time with her horny self. Her husband won’t let this one pass so he ended up making this video and preserving the wild moment when his wife got naked and started to play with her nice smooth-shaven cunt. They were just about to call it a day since they were both worn-out from some renovation done in their home but I guess this sleazy MILF just got fired up even more and would want to end the day on a different way. She’s one kinky woman, no doubt, and she’s got one lucky hubby to be “supporive” of her midnight cravings. As these screenies suggest, we got a really sexy and hot housewife right here. She’s naked on their bed, with her legs spread apart, to give us a better view of her moist cunt while she playfully fucks it with her fingers. She loves to masturbate alone but she says that this is most probably the best she’s ever felt since she’s performing for her husband (and now for the rest of us too). She gets extra horny and very kinky when she knows she’s being watched while she pleases herself. I’m sure her husband didn’t finish recording this video and started fucking her twat once she held her fine ass up in the air. Who would resist this sleazy bitch, eh? always have a lot to show you and now is the time to watch this naked horny MILF‘s video for your own pleasure. Be back for more soon!

Horny wife masturbating using her vibrator

Sunday, August 7th, 2011

This is one sizzling Dirty Wives Exposed edition. Well, that’s what we give you all the time so I don’t think you should be too surprised, eh? Our amateur MILF right here was on a vacation one weekend and since she’s not used to leaving her hubby’s side even for a quick second, especially in bed, she can’t help but get horny and thought of making this nice naughty photoshoot to ease her loneliness. Oh, and of course, she’ll be giving this hot and wild picture collection to her husband as soon as she goes back home. But for the meantime, she wanted to get the heat out by going naked, showing us her nice pair of breasts, slim sexy figure, that juicy cunt, and her tight round ass. The fun don’t stop right there though coz this horny amateur bitch wanted to show more. She brought her neon green vibrator with her coz she knew that she will be needing this the moment she steps into this room alone. So now that she’s settled in and pretty much feeling sleazy and all the things in between, she got naked and started shoving the lucky thing in between her legs, deep down her moist and warm pussy. She spreads so wide like inviting a gang of perverted bastards to get in line and take turns giving her a hard and rough thrust with their big hard cocks. To see more of these, be sure to visit often and while you feast on these photos, better check the rest of the set right here too.

Photos of hot and wild MILFs

Thursday, December 2nd, 2010 brings you this steamy edition of MILFs in their kinkiest form. Well, there could be some group of housewives who’d show more but these hot ones, being amateurs, are already showing their best (for now) by having their husbands (or neighbors) take their sleazy photos while posing sexy in the nude. Some of them may still have their lingerie on but these skimpy pieces of clothing can sometimes still reveal their nice round breasts and show their shaven or sometimes bushy cunt. Summing up what could be said in this picture collection, it is one hell of a dick-teasin’, mind-blowing treat that will keep you coming back here on Dirty Wives Exposed for more of these horny hot mommas. Ain’t these naked sexy women something to look forward to every single time you visit us? If their naked sexy bodies won’t do you any good and by that I mean, make you spend more quality time with your stiff dick, well, you got some serious problems there. Because looking at these kinky stills, imagining them to be my friends’ mothers, the ones who used to “entertain” me when I visit their son/daughter (when I was younger), it’s a different kind of entertainment that I think about now when I see them just wrapped in towel after a shower or when they just got up from bed and wears nothing but their bath robes. Rawr! Now it’s your turn to enjoy these photos and come back for more.

Naked wife gets horny and spreads

Thursday, November 4th, 2010

One of the things this couple love to do together is simply to let the animal out from inside their den and get kinky for the entire human race. This sizzling hobby of theirs effortlessly made it on top of the most wanted list of Dirty Wives Exposed and by the looks of these pictures, you know exactly what I’m trying to say. This heavy-chested amateur wife is so comfortable showing off her goods because, well, she’s got the right to expose herself this way since she is one hell of a delicious catch. She’s got that pair of nice big racks, her to-die-for shaven pussy, and how we all love to give that ass some serious bitch slappin’, eh? Obviously, she had a great fucking time posing for her husband and I personally salute her for a job well done. She’s like one of ’em sorority chicks who’d always keep her body trim and fit and fucking hot just to get the “standing ovation”, and just about any kind of attention and they don’t even care if it’s a guy or girl who’d drool over their pictures, as long as they know that they make people hot and horny. This wife could be my wife and I would keep her in bed for an entire day or two. I think she’s a great fuck and it shows with how she spreads out and finger that cunt. It’s like she’s always ready for our hot rod, which I am so much willing to give her. is the perfect place to go for all kinds of MILF hotness so just check more of our collections here and you’re well on your way to the dirty wives‘ pleasure lair.

Hot pictures of sexy housewives

Thursday, October 7th, 2010

Don’t we just love wives who get naughty with or without their significant others around? Oh, it is much better when they get all fucking sleazy when they do it for us here on Dirty Wives Exposed. Our feature today will make you wonder how many of those married women living around your block are this horny and wild. Looking at these steamy pictures, you’d wish all your friends’ mothers would be this fucking hot. They pose like teen sluts begging for your attention. They expose their breasts and spread their nice legs to show their delicious shaven cunts, which we all wanted to fuck so hard ’til they moan and scream for more. Notice the wife who prefers the outdoors for her nude photo shoot? She’s just one of the wives who belong to the more kinky group who would do anything to please guys of all legal ages. I mean, c’mon, it’s rare enough to find an experienced woman who is all hot and sexy and horny, so finding bored and lonely wives who opt to experiment a bit deserve all the attention they want. And it’s only here in that they’ll get all that. Since these naughty bitches like to get dirty in and out of their humble homes, we post their mouthwatering photos to accompany us whenever we wanted to beat our tools. I know you wanted to see more of these so before you even choke your cock and make it explode by just looking at these 3 teasers, click this link to view the entire photo gallery. Enjoy!