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Amateur Latina|Hispanic|Brazilian MILF|Housewife|Wife Strips Off Her Kinky Lingerie|Baring It All On Homemade Sex Pics

Wednesday, September 19th, 2012

amateur Latina wife exposed nude and masturbating

Amateur chicks have always been my favorite porn models, especially hot amateur MILFs like the one featured on this week’s Dirty Wives Exposed photo updates! Enjoy the luscious photos of this amateur Latina housewife as she submits to her hubby’s whim, posing like a raunchy slut while in her sexy lingerie with matching pantyhose and garters! This hot and steamy homemade nudie photos were submitted by her husband, proudly sharing to the whole world how dirty and skanky his wife is when it comes to sex! But this amateur suburban wife just doesn’t pose in those kinky outfit, this slut ends up stripping everything off and baring her nude Latina MILF body for the camera! See this Latina momma spread her legs wide , giving us ample views of her natural looking and neatly trimmed pussy!

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Horny|Slutty|Freaky Brunette Wife|Housewife Proudly Spreading Her Naked|Nude|Bare Body|Tits and hairy pussy On Their Bed

Tuesday, September 4th, 2012

Here’s another treat from Dirty Wives Exposed for all you dirty housewife loving studs!

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These are homemade nude photos of a brunette housewife proudly spreading her nude body on their bed while her horny hubby take snap shots of her! This amateur MILF’s perverted husband suggested to have her nude photos uploaded on the net because the guy is just so proud to have a wife that is aging beautifully and still can fuck it like an 18 year old! Well, I don’t know who’s more skankier, the guy or this slutty housewife because they both agreed to do it! From the very first images of this brunette MILF, you will not see any signs of shyness or inhibitions on her. While her husband happily took pictures, this mature nympho shamelessly spread that butt naked body all over their bed! She cup those big natural tits, pinch her nipples and spread her legs wide so the camera can get a good view of her hairy and extra plump pussy lips! Her body might have seen better days, but if you are into natural curves and naughty cougars, this raunchy housewife’s homemade bare ass pictures and masturbation photos will be enough to get you going until the weekend! If you wish to see more housewives posting their naughty pics and xxx sex videos like this kinky mature slut then there’s only one spot to go to! Dirty Wives Exposed! Visit today and get your hands on the web’s largest daily updated amateur porn archive!

Sleazy wife masturbates and cums

Monday, June 25th, 2012

Husbands have this fantasy of playing voyeurs to their sleazy wives and most of the married men I know have the same habit of making videos of their wives doing their dirty deeds. You will get a dose of this steamy hot scenario here today on Dirty Wives Exposed when this horny MILF masturbated in front of her hubby, pretending he’s some pervy neighbor taking a peek from the window, jacking off. Yes, sounds perfect, huh? Will it be fair if I were to say that you have done this before too or at least have been meaning to do for quite sometime now? You don’t have to be shy about it since you’re already here, enjoying all the kinky stuff these amateur housewives has to offer. Nobody comes here if they are shy, that’s bullshit. I bet you’re gripping your hard cock now while watching this video, eh? This wild horny MILF is sure a great catch and we’re more than glad that her husband knows exactly how to play with her. This naked slutty wife enjoys rubbing her clit so hard and fast, squeezing her tits, and eventually spilling her pussy juice all over the sheets when she cums. Hmmm… sounds so fucking delicious. That’s the time when we come diving in the bed and licking all of those sticky mess up and just taste her. You will want some more of these so better not forget to visit for more videos of our wildest and horniest housewives who will give you the pleasure that you seek. Watch the full clip here now and enjoy choking that boner ’til you cum and pass out.

Wild wife masturbates outdoors

Monday, April 2nd, 2012

We don’t get to watch videos of amateurs this hot so we’re so excited to share with our Dirty Wives Exposed fans this sizzling post of a horny sleazy wife masturbating in the woods. They said they think they watch too much porn to get ideas like this and all we can say is that, it did them good. Right now all we do here is watch this heavy-chested do her dirty deed out in the woods while her husband gets all horny and hard on the sides. We don’t see this kind of naughty wife everyday, more so, outside their home and into the forest just to please herself. So you can consider this one of your rare finds here on and you will get more hot videos if you just keep on coming back of course. But first, we bring you this wild horny busty MILF who just wanted to give her hubby all the satisfaction he can get and keep him surprising with her skanky sexual fantasies. This is her first attempt to get it all on video, playing with her pussy using her vibrator, with her husband watching, and it’s simply priceless. We hope to watch more of her soon, eh? Better head over here then to see the full video and make this sleazy amateur wife we need to see her with new dirty tricks next time.

Horny couple records their hardcore fuck session

Sunday, March 4th, 2012

It’s always a turn-on watching videos of amateur couples fucking away here on Dirty Wives Exposed. We always make it a point to keep our viewers happy so we choose horny pairs who will go through such lengths to please not just themselves but their audiences as well. So for today, we give you this sizzling video of a wild couple having one hell of a fucking time sexing each other up so early in the morning. I guess this lucky husband still has the morning erection, which women go crazy over when they get wet so easily by just imagining how it feels like riding their hubby’s boner while he’s asleep. Well, maybe they aren’t fully asleep of course and having some hot idiotic dream about humping a Playboy Bunny to have an extreme hardon like that. So this video, though the hubby is obviously awake, is an examply of the effects of having ones cock open for buffet each morning. This horny wild housewife woke her husband’s senses up when she started playing with the lonely boner, craving for attention. And since they are a wild couple, game to try anything and wanted so bad to see themselves going crazy, naked and fucking each other on video, they set up their paraphernalia right away and fuck hard. Watch their full video and keep on visiting for more wild and horny amateur wives doing all sorts of kinky stuff with their husbands.

Wife goes topless around the house

Sunday, February 19th, 2012

It’s one of those days when couples get all lazy and crazy after a heavy sex in the evening when they don’t bother putting their clothes on, or most of it, when they wake up in the morning. Dirty Wives Exposed is all about that particular wife today, this amateur slut who has to problem walking around the house, topless. These photos were taken from all over their house and not just in the bedroom so you can really get a load of this kinky wife in all her sleazy glory. If it’s a fetish of yours drooling over naked women doing dishes or fixing meals in their kitchen, this amateur housewife does that too. She shows off her nice round perky breasts, expose them like they are some kind of holy icon that people has to worship. Well, who wouldn’t want to when these mounds are calling for our special attention, right? This sexy hot wife don’t even have to try hard to get noticed since she’s fuckin’ delicious in all her pictures in this gallery. She has become an overnight celebrity here on when pervs from all started clicking on the site and seeing this horny slutty wife flaunt her goods. She said it was her husband’s idea to share these photos since she’s got what it takes to be their fantasy and that is actually what her hubby’s fantasy is, to see men going crazy over his perfect catch. Seeing that she’s got a lot of fans in just a few hours, this amateur topless fuck enjoys the attention alright. Enjoy the rest of her picture collection here.

Amateur wife strips naked and showers

Monday, January 9th, 2012

You’re back here on Dirty Wives Exposed to get a dose of your amateur wives in action and we got one sizzling video of a kinky housewife naked and wet in the showers. She spent a bit of time swimming in their pool after doing some chores in the garden and each time this happens, it’s a hot quickie or a long fuck night for her and her husband to use the energy in the most productive way they can think of. Yes, sex. But before anything else, this kinky wife needs to freshen up first to make the entire experience comfortable especially when it comes to her hubby licking and tongue-fucking her hot pussy. We do prefer twats that actually smell nice and delicious, yeah? So this video is all about our featured wifey washing up under the showers as she prepares to get fucked by her excited and boner-stricken husband who’s probably trying to avoid jacking off in the bedroom coz he wanted to bang a tight moist cunt tonight. They didn’t realize how much this video of theirs have become an instant hit here on and they’re about to find out just how much perverted people have already asked to get more kinky stuff from this sleazy wife and her husband. Head over here to watch this amateur wife‘s full wet and wild video.

Kinky wife sucks on her hubby’s dick

Sunday, November 27th, 2011

Dirty Wives Exposed is back and will be showing you all these sizzling photos of an amateur cocksucking MILF getting all kinky with her husband. This is one of those nights when it’s cold outside coz of the rain and they’re simply not in the mood to go out and do anything else but do something about the call of raging hormones. And they do this with much enthusiasm, taking pictures of themselves getting sleazy with each other. This naughty housewife sure has nice curves on her and we’re very lucky to see her naked too. Well, that’s not all that we are about to see in these photos because this hot wife is just too horny to not give her hubby some TLC. Aside from getting all sexy in her hot lingerie, accentuating her curves, and show off those nice big breasts, she’s so willing to share with us how much she enjoyed teasing her husband, give him a nice woody and do much more with that of course. She gives one hot blowjob in these photos and by the looks of it, fucking her with this big dick is pretty much what we all wanted to see. gives us everything we want to see and so you just have to head over here to view the entire photo gallery. Enjoy looking at this sexy horny amateur wife suck on a cock and gets fucked in her pussy. Be back for more soon coz we won’t be letting any of you down. You can always find only the hottest and kinkiest of amateur wives right here.

Wife gets her cunt fingered by her hubby

Sunday, October 16th, 2011

One of the hottest videos you can watch here in is a horny couple pleasing each other and that’s just what this amateur wife wanted to share with us. It’s one of ’em days when she just shaved her cunt clean, except for the upper pube area, for her husband and they came up with something that they tried for the first time and it’s having it all on video. Well, they already tried recording themselves fucking each other up but this naked horny kinky wife wanted to give her hubby something more to play with (and watch by himself when the need arises) and this is the video that they ended up making. It was supposedly a mundane event for this steamy couple but our featured Dirty Wives Exposed wifey had other plans. First she teased her husband as she stripped naked and spreads on their bed, touching herself and moaning. Her hubby got horny instantly coz he’s been waiting for his wife to get dirty with him and so when he saw that his wife just shaved her pussy and so begging for his tongue and throbbing dick, and of course his fingers, he stepped right in the bedroom and started playing with his sleazy wife‘s twat. Getting too horny and wanted something fast, he made sure to get his wife‘s twat well lubricated, oiled it up and started fingering the warm fuck hole. Watch the full video right here and you see for yourself just how horny this couple is. Do check back for more of our amateur horny wives soon.

Amateur sexy wife posing in her lingerie

Monday, September 5th, 2011

Welcome back to another flaming hot Dirty Wives Exposed edition and this is a brand new photo collection of an amateur hottie wife in her sexy lingerie. She was “inspired” by a look she saw in one of her hubby’s men magazines and so she tried it out in this photo shoot, which turned out pretty well. Yeah, so well even for an amateur like herself. She got the permission of her hubby to show her nice breasts and I don’t think they will have any problem displaying these delicious goodies here on since even her husband is a fan of this site and he’s quite proud of his gorgeous and sexy wife. This sexy housewife says her partner don’t mind at all that she’s wearing all these hot lingeries and exposing her tits for all of us coz we can only look but never touch or even get to taste her. Ha! Good point there and we can only be grateful that we got this naughty addition to our growing collection of sexy hot MILFs. Anyway, she’ll get used to posing sexy and showing off her tits since she got her husband’s full support and I ber she enjoyed this as much as we all did. So if you’re ready for more amateur housewives showing their breasts, twats, or even share with us photos of themselves getting sleazy with their husbands, better check back soon for those. But be sure to enjoy the full photo gallery of this sexy kinky wife first and let’s hope we’ll see more of her soon.