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Wifey Loves Being Fucked From Behind

Monday, January 10th, 2011

wifey fucked from behind

Welcome back to another smoking hot episode of Dirty Wives Exposed. Check out this video of a nasty wife who’s just too horny and gets fucked from behind by her husband. They got down and dirty on their sofa inside their cozy flat.  You can hear this slutty bitch’s husband moan and groan as he shoves his huge dick into his wife’s wet pussy.

wifey fucked on sofa

It’s fucking great to hear people get pleased like this. It makes me more horny and my cock’s extra happy about it too. Watching this naughty housewife put on an erotic sex show like this makes her one of the kinkiest that I’d love to have on top of my list – yes, I got this shitty black book too and it’s like getting new recruits each time receives submissions like this one.

wifey loves rear entry

Want to watch the full video? Just head on over to Dirty Wives Exposed and be prepared to have that limp noodle of your become hard as a rock in no time.

Busty wife gets loads of cum on her giant breasts

Thursday, December 16th, 2010

Welcome back to another sizzling episode of Dirty Wives Exposed. Our featured wife for today is probably one of the sizzling slutty women you’ll ever see, or in this case, watch. She’s not just your typical lonely neighborhood bitch but she’s one hell of a sexy and wild lonely neighborhood bitch. But don’t take her for a pathetic kind because, as hot as she is, she doesn’t really need to beg for any dude to play with her when she wants to. This video is one solid proof that she gets what she exactly wants, effortlessly. As you can see in this screenshot, this woman is obviously hooked on getting a hardcore titty-fuck and she enjoys it immensely that after her husband pours his cum on her giant racks, she plays with the sticky jizz, spreading it all over herself. But even before her husband could use up all his energy on her, this naughty housewife used hers on his first by lubing her large breasts and the stiff dick, pumping it between her hand, keeping both of them wild and horny. After preparing the “tools” for this hot video, this wild wife succeeded in making her hubby so horny that he poured all his jizz on her, making all of us crave for more of her and that’s the ultimate goal, eh? It’s like we hit some lottery jackpot for having this hottie heavy-chested wife show us how she handles a throbbing willy. A busty horny MILF plus a little kinky handjob, titty-fuck, and lots of jizz? That’s one explosive event and you’ll only watch a video of it here on

Naked wife gets horny and spreads

Thursday, November 4th, 2010

One of the things this couple love to do together is simply to let the animal out from inside their den and get kinky for the entire human race. This sizzling hobby of theirs effortlessly made it on top of the most wanted list of Dirty Wives Exposed and by the looks of these pictures, you know exactly what I’m trying to say. This heavy-chested amateur wife is so comfortable showing off her goods because, well, she’s got the right to expose herself this way since she is one hell of a delicious catch. She’s got that pair of nice big racks, her to-die-for shaven pussy, and how we all love to give that ass some serious bitch slappin’, eh? Obviously, she had a great fucking time posing for her husband and I personally salute her for a job well done. She’s like one of ‘em sorority chicks who’d always keep her body trim and fit and fucking hot just to get the “standing ovation”, and just about any kind of attention and they don’t even care if it’s a guy or girl who’d drool over their pictures, as long as they know that they make people hot and horny. This wife could be my wife and I would keep her in bed for an entire day or two. I think she’s a great fuck and it shows with how she spreads out and finger that cunt. It’s like she’s always ready for our hot rod, which I am so much willing to give her. is the perfect place to go for all kinds of MILF hotness so just check more of our collections here and you’re well on your way to the dirty wives‘ pleasure lair.

Naked wife gets banged doggie style

Friday, September 24th, 2010

One cold rainy evening, in the cozy and fuck-condusive bedroom of our featured kinky housewife, she and her horny partner were brewing some fucking hot show that could melt the icing on anyone’s icecream cake (even if it’s kept frozen in a meat hanger). Dirty Wives Exposed got this special video for all of you who are so into humping someone like a itchy flea-driven mongrel — that’s fucking someone doggie style, in layman’s term. Anyway, this horny couple was experimenting for their friendly neighbors. They said they’ll be doing things this naughty for at least 3-4 times a week and record everything and show the video to their guests just for the simple pleasure that it’ll give them. It’s like having your friends over for a barbecue, only this time they’ll be eating a different kind of succulent meat. Watching this MILF get fucked from behind by her husband makes you so horny, eh? What more if you could meet them in person and watch them live? But of course not all of us can get that chance unless you have friends who already know them. I bet they won’t turn you down especially if they are to find out how much you enjoyed watching their video here on They’ve let one of their “fans” record this hot kinky fucking session and you’ll be lucky if they pick you to do this for them next time. Just keep still and avoid trembling too much when you get the urge to beat your tool while holding the camera or you’d ruin the moment.

Kinky MILFs expose their nice tits, hot buns, and juicy cunts

Thursday, September 9th, 2010

If you think only teens go about displaying their tight twats and nice round tits through photos, then you’re one fucked up loser. Because you came here, to, to view all these hot naughty MILFs who are sure to drill a hole in those boxers while you sport a large woody. These hot women are amateurs but they don’t show the slightest hint that they’re somewhat new to this kind of vanity. I think the fact that they got one sizzling hot body and the guts to share their “gifts” to all of us who drool over such make them extra hot in all ways possible. Hell, that’s why they’re featured here today, right? I can talk all day and tell you why I chose them, but since you can all see their pictures, there are no lame ass descriptions that I need to type coz you can them and their hotness with your own two eyes. The busty wife wanted to show more, reason why she gave us more than we asked for. While the other wife‘s a bit shy but she did show goods fit for a fucking perverted king. See those nice firm buns and lemonade pink shaven pussy? Aren’t these enough to make you go wild? Sometimes it’s acceptable if we can’t see their faces as long as the Dirty Wives Exposed would expose themselves on parts where we can stick our shafts in. View the entire photo collection to enjoy these sexy MILFs posing in the nude.

Hardcore oral sex for this wild housewife

Thursday, August 26th, 2010

We’re back and I can see that you are too, hoping to get a load of new sizzling housewife goodies, eh? Well, today’s one of your lucky days here on Dirty Wives Exposed because I have this video of a wild couple doing oral in a not-so-typical way. Maybe you’ve tried doing this to your bitches or maybe not, either way this episode will cause mild disorientation for the first few seconds of the clips and give you some kind of euphoria that will eventually lead to extreme jizz explosion. Sounds fucking nice, I know, and it’s much nicer if you’d watch the video and see how this lucky bastard feasted on his dirty wife‘s cunt. Have you tried lifting your bitch’s legs up while licking her pussy? Licking and sucking on her clit ’til she moans and cums? That’s what this dude did the entire time that’s why our horny housewife right here came squirming and moaning with pleasure. I know I’ve tried this once or twice, I don’t really remember how many times, but what I do remember is that the bitches I slept with came giving me rings for days just so I could perform the same wild and hot ritual on them. Poor sex kittens don’t get what they really want from their loser boyfriends. Ha! Anyway, they’ve watched this video coz I’ve told them to visit to learn new tricks that they can use (or be used on them). I can already imagine my arms raising them up about a foot high as I smother my face on their moist and warm cunts, fucking their hole with my tongue and making them cum. Watch this couple do just that and enjoy jacking off like a geeky teen watching his busty step sister strip like a whore.

Wife with pierced twat rides a gear shift knob

Thursday, July 29th, 2010

Want us to define the term wild? Let Dirty Wives Exposed show you just that in this sizzling hot video. We don’t find wives who want their twats pierced (and definitely not more than four pairs) everyday. You won’t always encounter these kind of women who are horny enough to get their twats pierced and get wild inside her husband’s car while filming herself riding a fucking gear shift knob! Yeah, the screenies speak for themselves, don’t they? She and her hubby were celebrating their anniversary when our naughty wife right here decided to make this little surprise for her equally wild and horny partner. They do almost everything together especially when it comes to sex but she felt that it’d be more exciting to do things differently for a change and without the aid of her hubby. So, while he was away on a trip and this kinky MILF got the car to herself, she spent an entire day getting her pussy lips pierced then jumped in the car to fuck a helpless inanimate object. It may be lifeless but it’s one fucking lucky lifeless thing! wanted to show you this wild video and we’re pretty sure that you will enjoy it. Like I said, this kind of housewife is rare and you will only find it here so you better not miss this one and the next hot videos that we will feature. Oh, and one more thing that caught my attention, the wife actually played too safe that she even had the stick covered with a condom. It may sound a bit odd for someone this wild but it is odd and wild all the same.

Hot wife gets naked and masturbates on cam

Thursday, June 17th, 2010

Any of you who watches the TV show Desperate Housewives? I’m no fan but Dirty Wives Exposed is more likely to get linked with this series since this site is, after all, all about sizzling housewives and MILFs who still got that oomph in them. I asked if you’re familiar with the TV show because the housewife we feature here today is just as hot as the ones in the cast. This wife is a bit younger though. She just got married and is fairly new to their own version of Wisteria Lane and is yet to know her equally hot and horny neighbors. Yes, that’s what she told us in one of her visits, leaving her comments whenever she clicks on She looks so fucking yummy. Sorry, can’t help it. Look at these first four pictures and you will agree. I’ve interviewed her over the phone and her voice just doesn’t match up with her looks. Hearing her talk is like fucking the phone’s receiver, while you listen to a gorgeous woman with this bedroom voice — at 8 in the morning. Surprisingly, she still has the same orgasmic voice at any given time of day since I get to talk with her one evening, as I browse through her naughty photos as I sport a painful woody. Damn, I almost moan when I asked her which ones she wanted posted here. I didn’t want to give away that she’s making me so fucking horny but of course she already knows that. She’s got these round perky tits, lovely ass, shaven twat, and a petite frame. A very likely candidate for my favorite fuckable chicks. If you think these photos of her getting naked, masturbating, are way hot, wait ’til you view the entire collection here.

Busty wife strips on cam

Thursday, May 20th, 2010

You’re back here on Dirty Wives Exposed expecting to see a new batch of sizzling pictures of a naughty wife and we won’t fail you. Because today, you’ll be jacking off to this gorgeous sexy woman who will definitely create a pool of jizz wherever you may be — viewing these photos. She and her hubby experimented with their new camera, shooting around the house, and agreeing on one cool thing — to post these here. And, boy, are we all glad that they came up with the latter. That bold move instantly added an amount of wild stills in our already up-to-the-brim collection of hot wives photos. has been visited by this hot wife for more than 5 times the past week already and it helped that she was with her horny husband while she was browsing through the site. Their pornographic sessions inspired them to make this set of hot pictures, which you will all see here. I chose to post this next and I need not state the obvious reasons why. Oh, well, if it pleases you and your dick more to hear (or read) about these hot wives, let me tell you how fucking sexy she is and how I’m pretty positive that when you see her huge breasts, lovely face, shaven cunt, and juicy ass, this particular compilation will be liked by your perverted self. It’s rare to find a girl who almost got it all (well, at least physically) and this hot MILF‘s close to being your perfect live blow up doll. I won’t make you wait any longer, visit this link to enjoy the rest of the pictures.

Cocksucking wife swallows jizz

Thursday, May 6th, 2010

Your jizz plus a kinky wife will always equal to a high and wild time. This is what we are featuring today, a horny cocksucking wife who likes swallowing her man’s cum. Dirty Wives Exposed is made of steamy women who knows exactly what they want, how to get them, and still please their partners the best fucking way they know how. And I got another video for you right here that you will enjoy. This wife has been giving us a lot of her precious masterpieces but we just got the chance to publish one of them now because we had a tough time choosing which one should be posted first. After seeing all those videos, you’d think she’s faking it for calling herself an amateur in this field. Hmmm… I think, not everyone’s born to be wild and that some bitches will call themselves experts when they no nothing about what they’re doing inside the bedroom. So it’s safer this way, when she says that she’s an amateur and yet know too much, she could train a bunch of “sexpert wannabes”. Dude, this is the type of woman you want to go wild with. Yes, even if she may happen to be your fucking girlfriend’s mother. You got to learn how to deal with situations like these coz it’s a true story, and things like these really happen whether you like or not. Why you do think some perv sings, apologizing to his girlfriend (Stacy) that she ain’t good enough for him but her mom is? Ha! See? I bet that dude fucks a lot of these wild housewives more than bang their daughters. gives you almost everything you fantasize about and all you got to do is click here to experience all that every single day you need to.